Jeff Hanna training offers:

– Fitness Tailored Cuisine Delivery
– Fitness & Conditioning
– Bodybuilding
– Latino cardio
– Ballroom dancing
– Latino dancing
– Social dancing
– First dance for weddings
– Dance shows for events

As private training for individuals and groups; in any destination desired; homes; offices; fitness centers and gyms.

About Jeff Hanna Training:

My dream as a kid was to be fit and strong; but I was fat and weak. Since the age of 10 I started dancing professionally and competing; winning several championships for several years. I enrolled and studied for my bachelor in business administration while being a dance teacher; managing Latino parties; and performing dance shows in events.

In parallel to that I was researching and studying about fitness to transform my body to reach my dream as a kid. After achieving my dream the hard way with the help of no one; and realizing the great feeling behind it; I decided to dedicate my life and shift my career to help others reach their goals through fitness and dancing giving them all the support I once dreamt to have.
This is how Jeff Hanna Training started; currently teaching more than 130 classes a month; having more than 100 students in total.
Being a good fitness trainer is not only from experience or from reputation. It is mainly from being scientific and constantly studying to learn new things from different perspectives. It is a science that includes ANATOMY; BIOMECHANICS; PSYCHOLOGY; NUTRITION; BIOLOGY; AND FINALLY TRAINING METHODS AND TECHNIQUES.

In addition to that; one should have interpersonal skills; communication skills; and teaching skills to clearly transmit the message; motivate; and guide in order for the student to reach his goal safely and while understanding the details in a fun way.

Endurance and Resistance Fitness Training:

Our fitness training, acquired from studying through the best fitness certifications world wide

– ACSM ( American College of Sports Medicine )
ranked number 1 worldwide
– ACE ( American Council on Exercise )
ranked number 2 worldwide

in addition to ongoing research and studying, gave us a competitive asset to allow us help you strengthen your body muscles, raise your metabolism, burn calories, and sculpt your body in a fun, easy, and safe way.

We target endurance training by working mainly your cardiovascular performance and you endurance level, in addition to resistance training by working on your total body muscles to help you get stronger. We focus a lot on using functional and bodyweight exercises, to help your body perform better in your daily activities, using the most scientific tools to monitor your body such as heart rate monitors keeping your performance and safety under direct supervision, and most advanced techniques and combinations using TRX and the newest technologies/equipment.

We are known for the exceptional motivation, and always striving to push you to your limits, to always challenge your body for optimal results.

We have an experience of 8,000+ hours of personal training experience, in addition to more than 30 transformations done, which is ranked worldwide as Master Trainer.

Training for special conditions:

Our training experience also involved a lot of special cases, such as pregnancies, injuries in the back, knees, abdomen, cancer, etc

Ballroom and Latino Dance Training:

– Ballroom, Latino, and Social Dancing, 17 dances Instructors; Experience of 13+ years
– Dance Shows for events, weddings, festivals
– Events organization ( Latino parties, show case … )
– First Dances for weddings

Show Business Venues:

Cyprus Grand Resort Hotel, Syria Dance Festival, Jordan International Dance Festival,
Biel, Phoenicia Intercontinental, Le maillon, Le Royal Hotel, Portemelio Hotel, Regency Palace Hotel, SpringHills, Habtoor Mall, Lebanon Wine Festival.

Latino Parties Venues:

Inn-Tuition Gemayzeh, Oishii Gemayezh, Xtreme Monot, Berlin Pub Gemayzeh, Lakay Pub Resto Gemayzeh, Copaz Bar and Grill Ashrafieh,
Burgandy Pub Resto Antelias.

Teaching Places Venues:

Syria Dance Festival, Jordan International Dance Festival, Nameless Dance Academy, Fitness Zone Hamra, Fitness Zone Kaslik, Leisure Club, Kaza Beethoven, Charly’s Gym, Metropolitan Club, Club des etoiles.


* 2010 Open Arab Champion Tango Argentin
* Tango Argentin IDO Champion of Lebanon 2009
IDO = International Dance Organisation
* Ballroom and Latin,10 dances, LDSF Champion of Lebanon 2000-2002
LDSF = Lebanese Dance-Sport Federation.”