• Tarek Ghandour

    My story with Jeff Hanna goes back to almost two years ago.

    Way before that, I had been through several training and coaching techniques, battling with persistence, facing weight loss issues, and lacking fidelity to a program.

    Here, today, after I started being coached by Jeff, I can proudly say that I had managed to reach many of my body goals, I have crossed numerous milestones, and achieved higher targets than expected.

    I have never missed a training session when physically possible, I lost all my extra weight, built muscles where needed, and I got involved and faithful to an amazing sustained training routine.

    Recently, I have been challenged by a major accident, causing a deep injury to my left leg. I had to go through an invasive surgery, and walk on crutches for some time…

    Yet, throughout the whole ordeal, I have made it a point not to ever cancel my training, however my day has been. I was pushing myself over the brain limits at first, and over the medical limits after that, aiming to go back to my usual performance.

    All this wouldnt have been possible without the unconditional support and encouragement provided by Jeff. He has believed in me sometimes better than I believed in myself, and worked on deriving new training methods and tailor-made techniques to improve constantly, while respecting my body conditions, and pushing me when required…

    Jeff has also understood my determination, motivated me to defy tiredness, fatigue, and lack of stamina when I was faced with intense pain, and had my back when I decided to overcome my boundaries.

    I trust I couldnt have reached the stage I am in today, and steadily improving at every opportunity, if it hadn’t been for my coach and his amazing enthousiasm, know-how and approach!

    Thank you Jeff, and may we always rise, squat, lift, and conquer new heights!!!

  • Rhea Sakr

    Dear King,

    I always had weight problems and i always wished i was thinner. I was uncomfortable in my skin and i couldn’t wear the clothes i loved! I dieted once and then, dropped few Kgs and then gained them back with extras.

    It wasn’t until this July 2014 (6 months ago) that i decided to talk to Jeff about it and get help. It took me 1 month to see my body changing, and it motivated me. I wanted this so badly that i decided to give it my best and make it a habit! 3 months later, i lost 13 Kgs, curves started showing, my body started having a feminine shape and i dropped 2 jeans sizes. I was nearly half way there so i worked harder and Jeff helped me in every step and motivated me even more.

    Today, 6 months later, i lost 20 Kgs, dropped 4 jeans sizes, shaped my body, fixed my posture and most importantly i’m feeling great: more energetic then ever and positive!

    Knowing that Jeff is here guiding me and pushing me forward, the “new me” is currently working on new goals: 7 more Kgs to loose and 2 more jeans sizes to drop…Yes, i am seeking perfection!

    Rhea Sakr

  • Randa Faissal

    I have been challenged during my training with you.
    You took me from one level to another through daring to tackle deep dormant muscles. I even saw myself more toned and in shape.
    You are a passionate and dedicated personal trainer. You are knowledgable ,trustworthy and eager to move personally to a better training level.
    I would love to train again with you in due season.

  • Reina Ashkar

    I was introduced to Jeff Hanna by total coincidence and without any prior knowledge about him. And As I was training on my own, his personalized approach and passion for his work attracted my attention!!
    Today, I feel so lucky to be training with him. Jeff has this unique power to draw out the true potential of his students through his unconventional motivation and guidance.
    You made me stronger with each passing day, helped me to tone up my muscles, and shape up my body in no time and beautifully! My muscles power me, my heart powers my muscles, my mind powers my heart and your inspiration powers my mind 
    You surely made me better in just about every way, I thank you endlessly!!

  • Sally Mikhael

    I’m a person who loves sports and used to practice occasionally, but I never got the results I wanted. I saw Jeff training some people in the gym and I got curious to try and see if he can help me get the results I dream of.

    I started with Jeff with a plan in my head “I want to try for 2 months only”…well it’s been 1 year and few months :)

    I actually got the results I wanted in less than 2 months, but I couldn’t stop, because it became a life style that I’m proud of.

    The first few months were tough, since with Jeff “there is no mercy when it comes to sports” :) but this spirit helped me reach where I am today physically and health wise.

    Jeff inspired me to be a healthy person and to commit to my goals and never fall for excuses.

    Through my experience with Jeff as my personal trainer, I started to believe that each woman should do sports, lift weights, make exercising a lifestyle and have a strong body … and yes a physically strong and sportive woman is beautiful and very feminine

    Thank you Jeff, a true coach and an inspiration
    Your champ :)))
    Sally michael

  • Tamara Hanna

    To reach a certain goal, you usually pass through 4 critical stages that drive you to giving up every step of the way, until you reach stage 5 and you start living happily ever after with that goal achieved and life would be way better than and so so different than before:

    1- Accept the fact that you have a problem

    2- Think of a solution

    3- Start applying it

    4- Endure till you start seeing changes.

    If you keep this concept and apply it to fitness and health, it would look like this:

    1- Accept the fact that you are not fit and not healthy

    2- Think of where to start whether by calling a professional trainer or calling or professional trainer

    3- Call a professional trainer

    4- Start lifting very heavy weights and endure for at least the first month to notice marvelous changes.

    However, these 4 stages have 3 main elements that will keep you going:

    1. a) PATIENCE
    2. b) DEDICATION

    I lost 8 kilos in 2 months, gained muscles, shaped my curves, and most of all, i have a very healthy and well-balanced lifestyle now!!

    I am still going for more.

    Don’t think twice, MAKE THAT CALL and CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

  • Pamela & Angela Khawli

    Having Jeff as a personal trainer was one of the best decisions me and my sister Pamela ever made. He not only taught us the techniques but also helped us shape up our bodies and tone up our muscles in the best and healthiest way possible. All this with a huge smile on his face always on time and always with a warm and motivating attitude.

    Thank you Jeff,

    Keep it up!

    The Khawlys

  • Akef Khoury

    Great coach, great person to start with, and that’s what makes him special. He pushes everyone as if it was his own body, and personal shape.

    You don’t see that devotion much these days, trainers tend to care more about their income rather than their students transformation and physique.

    Keep up the good work champ, maybe one day we’ll have similar Thor legs.

    Great job

  • Jim Abi Frem

    I was never interested in any type of physical activity and always struggled with my body image. Jeff was the motivation giver I desperately needed. He helped me challenge myself and aim high. My endurance has greatly improved and I have lost an astonishing 10% of body fat in 10 weeks with an increase of 5 kg of muscles.

    By setting realistic goals and seeing daily changes in strength, endurance and appearance, I am constantly motivated to give more and stay on track. All thanks to Jeff.

  • Christina Caponis

    Since I started training with jeff hanna training, my body shape changed. I now have a nice body, but still seeking for perfection. Nice and amazing are just not enough. With jeff hanna training you are going to experience pain and are going to suffer but in the end it is worth it. You will learn to enjoy training and make it a lifestyle.

  • Pamela Ayoub

    Training with Jeff is a mix of many things; suffering, pain, but satisfaction and pleasure. He is strict when it comes to the core fundamentals of his training but you will see results in no time.
    I dropped a size in 3 weeks and lost more than 7 Kgs of fat in 4 weeks. And much more is yet to come!
    He promises you results as long as you are committed.
    I can say that Jeff is the beat trainer i have ever met. I will be always training with him!

    Love you coach! And thank you.

  • Celine Chammoun

    Jeff Hanna is the perfect combination of tough (“Jeff you are KILLING me!”) and warm (“Celine you are doing SO well”), and he works with the whole person: mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun.
    His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle

  • Diala Rodriguez

    Jeff’s dedication and passion to his craft, his perfectionist mindset and professional approach ensures quick and effective results to each one of his trainees, who soon enough become his friends and part of his extensive family.
    An intensive knowledge in health and fitness, one can’t but blindly put his trust and wait for the results!
    Diala Rodriguez

  • Lara Tahhan

    Primilary goal was tonning. After 1 month goal was achieved :) and ever since more motivation. Much better core, stronger. Muscles enhanced to look healthier and more firm. Sessions are creative every time with a variety of exercises, and fun :)
    Best regards

    Thank you Jeff Hanna training

  • Amanda Ghorayeb

    Thanx to my amazing coach Jeff Hanna who has been training me for 6 months now.
    What makes him different is the ability to tailor my training to meet my goals.
    Jeff motivates me to do my best to benefit the maximum from my workout. His experience is extensive and well qualified to train you in order to achieve the optimum healthy lifestyle and yet your goals.
    Couldn’t have done it without you😘😘😘

  • Joanna Toubia

    “Yalla Joanna!”- the voice in my head…

    I have been training with Jeff for few months and with his positive energy and methods of training, he is helping me achieve my goals and be motivated to keep it up. 

    Whatever your goals are he will listen and identify how to help you reach them – for me the evidence speaks for itself and, much to my surprise, and even with all the pain that comes with it, I really enjoy the sessions. 

    Jeff has the perfect balance of strictness when I need a kick or compassion to motivate me. He is even more motivated than I am to push me beyond my perceived limits especially while lifting weights! His humor, kindness and mostly dedication make sessions fun and entertaining, and this, combined with the joy of seeing the results of the hard work, is why I would thoroughly recommend Jeff Hanna Training. 

    Looking forward for more results to come!


  • Cynthia Warde Bou Kather

    I have always been an athlete, but one of those who were afraid of weight lifting because, like many I thought that it wasn’t appropriate for woman. Full of injuries, tendinitis in both my writes and thin patella’s in my knees I use to train daily taking collective and private courses. But I never saw the result I have after only one year of training with Jeff and after having a baby. My pain disappeared and my power tripled. I have never felt stronger or healthier.

    Jeff is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! Outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge; expert in running, weight training, martial arts; and a warm, spontaneous personality that make workouts fun.

    He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, a stronger immune system, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I’ve got great new muscles. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to his perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting.

    His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!

    Since training with Jeff, I feel more con­fident in working out on my own with free weights. I’ve gained knowledge of the proper form and technique needed to reduce the risk of injury. Jeff is brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve the brawn. He’s the real deal in an industry full of wannabees and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured.

    If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Jeff will lead you every step of the way.


  • Paula Gougassian

    A celui ou celle qui peut etre interesse par mon temoignage; voila depuis que j’ai commence avec mon coach jeff il y a un an et demi mon corps s’est positivement modifie , il est certainement plus muscle et surtout mieux sculpte, niveau cardio ma respiration est devenu plus rythmee et reguliere, je peux desormais courir plus rapidement et surtout plus longuement de plus y a des mucles que j’avais jamais fait travailler et y a toujours du nouveau avec jeff je vous promets vous n’allez pas vous ennuyer il est capable de vous accrocher au plafond pour faire vos push-ups si le cas s’avere necessaire , alors du coup y a toujours des courbatures mais c’est une belle sensation 

    Toujours est-il que coach jeff est un exellent conseiller en matiere de regime et style de vie saine adaptee a chaque morphologie alors du coup vous pouvez beneficier de ses precieux conseils toujours utiles , donc exellente conbinaison entrainement a fond sans relache et alimentation saineBn
    pour avoir un corps presque parfait. Tous les ingedients sont la et vous attendent.

  • Reem Ghannoum

    Jeff Hanna is more than just a trainer for me. He has been a big brother, a friend, a coach, a mentor, and a helping hand whenever I needed one. He teaches from all his heart and never neglected the concerns of his students.

    We are all champs because of you!

    Thank you Jeff for being the best.

  • Gracy Akl

    It hasnt been long since i have started training following jeff hanna schedule and yet i have started seeing results! Working out isnt something new to me for i have been doing it for a while now however i have been doing it in a wrong way and thus i havent seen significant results! Since i have started jeffs training i no longer have the fear of buffing up while increasing weights as long as i am doing it the right way! He helps me push myself to my breaking point and keeps on motivating and challenging me which drives me to better performance!

  • Maya abou Yared

    I always hated training and never needed to anyway. Up until I was in my mid twenties, gaining weight was never an issue of mine (except during pregnancy) and losing weight was a piece of cake (while even eating cake)!

    When I approached Jeff it was nainly to lose weight but he taught me something different about exercising. He taugh me the importance of exercising even when you look good, he highlighted its benefits on the body and even on the mind, he taught me that it is important to exercise to be healthy and good not just to look better and above all, he made me enjoy going to the gym.

    Jeff is a real inspiration and kicks ass at follow up. I can say that because when I got lazy and stopped training and when I decided to give up on myself and my health, he followed up regularly and pushed me over and over again to go back to the gym and train.

    Keep it up champ!

    Maya Abou-Yared

  • Joanna Tomazou

    Jeff hanna is the only person who made me believe in my self .. that i can achieve what i aim for and gave me the strength to keep up. What this power is i cannot say but i know that it showed up when i started training with him ..

    I trust you.

  • Loulou Bousamra

    I have worked out in the past a lot. And due to some overtraining. I got a knee injury that made me stop working out fir about 6 to 8 months. It resulted in weight gain, loss of muscle mass, etc. This was before I met Jeff Hanna.

    I started working with him in march 2015. This is when my lifestyle completely changed. From flabby and weak to an extraordinary strength and physical transformation. I started with low intensity trainings to gain flexibility and muscle strength and little by little, I began to perform with weights that i never imagined lifting. Jeff made me gain endurance and power that i thought was impossible to obtain. I suffered from a weak upper body before his workouts. Now my weaknesses are none existent. The knee problem was a fear i always had. Jeff worked on making it go away by doing leg workout routines. The pain and fear went away. And i got even better than ever at leg exercises. I can go on training for hours without getting tired thanks to the high intensity interval trainings i do with him (Endurance on point!).

    The point is, Jeff’s motivation and knowledge, and his positivity and encouragement, made me want to become better and go much further than needed in building the body that i desire.

    I definitely learned a lot, changed my lifestyle and body in 6 months only! Thanks to Jeff Hanna Training, this lifestyle that i built has become a huge priority that i wouldn’t want to let go of anytime soon.

    I am looking forward to what is coming next!

  • Rooba Massoud

    I always wanted to have a strong body and core, so I started doing yoga and Pilates but still felt weak and could barely reach any yoga pose due to my weak core.
    Always giving myself excuses to gaining weight and eating badly and being weak like:
    • having 2 kids
    • having a neck injury
    • not having time
    • being physiotherapy dependent
    I thought I had reached the peak of what my body can do….
    Until a friend of mine told me about jeff hanna and his technique so I decided to give it a try.
    What Jeff did was breaking the wall that was keeping me from believing in myself, answering all my questions related to why and how we are doing this or that workout providing me with scientific answers based on his own experience,, and by being the best role model anyone can have, so I got hooked to weight lifting and doing cardio which I have feared for a long time.
    Now, after almost 7 months of intense training I dropped 10kgs, I have only 13% of body fat, I came out stronger than ever, and in love with my new healthy habits.
    I still have a long way to go but with the good training, the healthy diet, the commitment to my goal and of course the presence of a great coach I know I will get there.
    Thank you Jeff

  • Alexia Bouldoukian

    I met jeff 3 years ago I used to be an average to low sports addict. I discovered how much power I had with jeff’s training, skills, knowledge and one of a kind motivation. I grew stronger day by day, my core, my body shape and my fitness level grew as I was training hard and consistently, I learned sports discipline which is life discipline, from cardio to weight lifting I challenged my body and my mind and I nurtured my breath rhythm that helped me throughout my daily life, pregnancy and delivery, He did not only change my body but my entire lifestyle even during pregnancy I continued training hard and the results were awesome.

    I gained back my body shape and weight within a month from delivering my baby. This training is a lifetime solid base to overcome sickness, aging and health issues.

    I am grateful to this challenging fun and hardcore training by jeff hanna ,

    Cheers !