Fitness Tailored Cuisine is a concept developed by Jeff Hanna Training, to provide you with custom made meal plans delivered to your doorsteps.

No need to worry about your food anymore, because we tailor your meal plans, based on your gender, age, physical activity, and fitness needs. We set your required caloric intake, which is divided into major and minor meals, based on your needed micros and macros.

From Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, to snacks, we have it all delivered to you all across Lebanon.

Our food includes salads, sandwiches, hot dishes, snacks and desserts available in many choices to satisfy your taste buds while reaching your goals.


Full Board: 

Breakfast + Snack 1 + Lunch + Snack 2 + Dinner

$30/day below 2500 calories
$35/day above 2500 calories

Half Board:

1 major meal + Snack


Orders are to be done 24 hours in advance

by sending an email to











Hot Dishes:

-Your choice of Rice, Pasta, Quinoa or Potatoes


-Your choice of Meat, Chicken, or Fish


-Your choice of White, Red, Mustard, and other sauces

*Nb. Other available dishes are present upon special request, such as chicken curry, Mloukhiyeh, Kebbeh Labaniyeh, Koussa w Laban, Siyadiye, etc..


-Flavored Yogurt

-Fruits and Dried Fruits